• Cleanroom
    Cleanroom Wipes & Cleanroom Gloves
  • Filters
    Nalgene Filters, Pall Filters, and Whatman Filters. Filters for sterilization and routine laboratory use.
  • Gloves
    Sterile and Non-Sterile Gloves - Exam Gloves and Cleanroom Gloves
  • Lab Equipment

    LABORATORY EQUIPMENT - for the educational, research, and compounding pharmacy laboratory.

  • Lab Glassware

    LABORATORY GLASSWARE - Kimble Kimax Pyrex Corning glassware for the research, educational and compounding pharmacy laboratory. Discount prices on top name brands.

  • Lab Plasticware

    Plastic storage bottles, liquid dispensers and other plastic laboratory ware.

  • Medical and Surgical
  • Microbiology

    BD BBL DIFCO MICROBIOLOGY - Difco Antigens, Difco Antiserum, BBL GasPak, Culture Media plates and Tubes, Difco and BBL Dehydrated Culture Media and more.

  • Sterilization Supplies
    STERILIZATION SUPPLIES - sterilization indicators and integrators, sterilization pouches, sterilizing supplies for the medical lab and compounding pharmacy.
  • Vial Packaging

    Serum Vials, Vial Seals, Vial Stoppers and Vial Crimpers for the compounding laboratory.

  • West Pharma Seals

    West Pharmaceutical Services brand 'FLIP OFF®', 'FLIP OFF TEAR OFF®' West matte flip cap vial seals and West smooth gloss flip cap vial seals.

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