SHIPPING TERMS: All orders are shipped prepaid and added to the invoice. We do not ship ground collect by any courier. There is a $3.00 per shipping box or $25.00 per pallet handling charge applied to your total invoice on all shipments.

Delays in transit due to any of the following conditions are not considered a service failure (Liabilities Not Assumed) and will not result in any refunds of shipping charges: weather (snow, ice, rain, mudslide, hurricane, tornado, etc), demonstrations that block traffic, law enforcement  or military actions, detainment by Customs officials, etc.

Potential Returns

It is the customers responsibility to have a knowledgeable staff member place the orders. Many products have similar names, similar appearances, yet have very different applications. We do not give free returns for products ordered in error by the customer. All returns must be approved and an RMA number given before we allow any returns. Requests for an RMA must be made within 10 days of receipt of the merchandise. Return shipping charges must be paid by the customer, as well as the re-shipment charges of the correct items. All products will be examined for any damages.Since product packaging and box filler is generally only good for one shipment (to the customer), it is the customers responsibility to return the goods using NEW OVERPACK and BOX FILLER materials. All glass products require overpacking (box inside a larger box with thick wadding between each container).

Damaged items, including any item with the shrink wrap removed, will not receive any credit for return.

Sterile items are not able to be returned for credit or exchange.

All claims regarding defective items or damages must be made in writing within 5 days after receipt of the shipment. If there are returns or requests for credit made after the passing of 5 business days following the receipt of your order, a 15% deduction may be made to any potential credit you may be offered.