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Nalgene Filters

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Nalgene Filters

NALGENE FILTERS - Nalgene bottle filters, Nalgene FastCap filters and Nalgene syringe filters


  • Nalgene Bottle Filters

    NALGENE RAPID FLOW BOTTLE FILTERS - Sterilization bottle filters with SFCA, Cellulose Nitrate (CN), Nylon and PES (Polyethersulfone) filter membranes.

  • Nalgene Fastcap Filters

    NALGENE FASTCAP FILTERS - fast and convenient vacuum filter cap units.

  • Nalgene Syringe Filters

    NALGENE SYRINGE FILTERS - for small volume sterilization of liquids using 0.2um and 0.45um syringe filters with PES and SFCA membranes