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Nalgene Filters, Pall Filters, and Whatman Filters. Filters for sterilization and routine laboratory use.


  • Millipore Filters

    Millipore Millipak Filters - and Sterile Millipore membrane Filters

  • Nalgene Filters

    NALGENE FILTERS - Nalgene bottle filters, Nalgene FastCap filters and Nalgene syringe filters

  • Pall Filters

    PALL FILTERS - a select group of discounted Pall AcroPak Capsule Filters, Pall Acrodisc Syringe Filters and Pall HEPA Filters

  • Whatman Filters

    WHATMAN FILTERS - a select group of discounted Whatman Capsule Filters and Whatman Syringe Filters