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BD Medical and Surgical

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BD Medical and Surgical

BD MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES DEALER - BD Vacutainers, BD Needles, BD Syringes, BD Catheters, and allied medical...



  • BD Vacutainer Tubes

    BD VACUTAINER TUBES - blood collection tubes and accessories. Dealer distributor for all BD Vacutainer blood collection tubes and needles.

  • BD Syringes and Needles

    BD SYRINGES AND NEEDLES - BD Luer-Lok Precision Glide Needle and Syringe, BD Eclipse, BD Safety Glide Insulin Syringes, BD Oral Syringes, Safety-Lok, BD Allergist Trays, BD Insyte Catheters, BD Spinal Needles, BD Yale Luer Needles