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Medical and Surgical

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Medical and Surgical



  • 3M Medical Supplies

    3M MEDICAL SUPPLIES DEALER - buy 3M medical products, including air purifying respirators, bandages, biological indicators, sterilizer integrators, surgical drape, sutures, 3M stethoscopes, skin staplers, and all 3M medical and surgical products.

  • BD Medical and Surgical

    BD MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES DEALER - BD Vacutainers, BD Needles, BD Syringes, BD Catheters, and allied medical products by BD Becton Dickinson USA. Your dealer distributor for all BD products.

  • Covidien Medical Respiratory and Surgical

    COVIDIEN HEALTHCARE DEALER - Tyco and Kendall Healthcare products - all Covidien Medical, Respiratory and Surgical products offered by VGD Rx.

  • Kimberly Clark Health Care

    KIMBERLY-CLARK HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS - WHOLESALE face masks, gloves, sterilization wraps, surgical gowns, gastronomy and respiratory products, and more.

  • Welch Allyn Medical Diagnostics

    WELCH ALLYN MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS DEALER - USA manufactured medical diagnostic devices and patient monitoring systems.