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Vial Packaging

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Vial Packaging

Serum Vials, Vial Seals, Vial Stoppers and Vial Crimpers. Wholesale discounts!


  • Amber Serum Vials

    Amber Serum Vials - amber glass serum vials 2mL through 100mL.

  • Clear Serum Vials

    Clear Serum Vials - 2mL through 500mL clear serum vials in stock!

  • Center Tear Vial Seals

    CENTER TEAR VIAL SEALS - 13mm 20mm and 30mm center tear vial seals. For use on serum vials when the vial contents are to be dispensed with a syringe.

  • Full Tear Off Vial Seals

    FULL TEAR OFF VIAL SEALS - 13mm 20mm and 30mm complete / full tear off vial seals to pour out vial contents. Several colors to choose from!

  • Long Skirt Flip Cap Seals

    Longer aluminum skirt length to help facilitate deeper crimping

  • Hole Punched Seals

    30mm , 20mm and 13mm aluminum vial seals with pre-hole punch. No need to tear out the center of these seals - the seal is prefabricated with the smooth center hole already made for immediate use!

  • HRT Pellet Vials

    HRT implant pellet vial packaging

  • IVA Foil Seals

    13mm and 20mm foil seals for use on serum vials and admixtures. Manufactured by Kendall Covidien

  • Sterile Vials

    STERILE VIALS - available in glass and plastic. Sterilized and depyrogenated in the USA with manufacturer's certifications.

  • Superior Flip Cap Vial Seals

    SUPERIOR FLIP CAPS - Flip cap vial seals made in the USA. Unique construction complies with new USP standards for vial closures!

  • Vial Boxes

    WHITE VIAL BOXES - simple white vial boxes for use with your unique custom labels.

  • Vial Crimpers and Decrimpers

    VIAL CRIMPERS - USA manufactured vial crimpers for 13mm 20mm and 30mm crimp serum vials.

  • Vial Stoppers

    VIAL STOPPERS - 13mm 20mm and 30mm vial stoppers for serum vials.

  • Washed Vials and Stoppers

    READY FOR STERILIZATION - prewashed 10mL vials and 20mm stoppers. Tyvek style bagged and ready for sterilization.

  • West Matte Cap Vial Seals

    WEST PHARMA MATTE FLIP CAP VIAL SEALS - USP COMPLIANT! - Plain top cap without any embossed words or logos for compliance with new USP regulations. Improved Matte finish on the plastic cap resists scratching during transit and processing to maintain a professional appearance.

  • West Flip Off Vial Seals

    WEST PHARMACEUTICALS 13mm and 20mm Flip Off Vial Seals

  • West Flip Off Tear Off Vial Seals

    WEST FLIP OFF TEAR OFF VIAL SEALS - 20mm flip off tear off vial seals manufactured by West Pharmaceutical Services (USA). Dual use as Flip Off for syringe use withdrawal or complete removal to pour out vial contents.

  • West Smooth Cap Vial Seals

    13mm West Flip Cap Seals - glossy surface with no embossed words. Comply with new USP regulations.