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Vial Packaging

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Vial Packaging

Serum Vials, Vial Seals, Vial Stoppers and Vial Crimpers. Wholesale discounts!


  • Amber Serum Vials

    Amber Serum Vials - amber glass serum vials 2mL through 100mL.

  • Clear Serum Vials

    Clear Serum Vials - 2mL through 500mL clear serum vials in stock!

  • Center Tear Vial Seals

    CENTER TEAR VIAL SEALS - 13mm 20mm and 30mm center tear vial seals. For use on serum vials when the vial contents are to be dispensed with a syringe.

  • Full Tear Off Vial Seals

    FULL TEAR OFF VIAL SEALS - 13mm 20mm and 30mm complete / full tear off vial seals to pour out vial contents. Several colors to choose from!

  • Long Skirt Flip Cap Seals - VGDRx brand

    VGDRx brand 13mm long skirt vial seals - manufactured with an aluminum skirt length to help facilitate deeper crimping

  • Hole Punched Seals

    30mm , 20mm and 13mm aluminum vial seals with pre-hole punch. No need to tear out the center of these seals - the seal is prefabricated with the smooth center hole already made for immediate use!

  • HRT Pellet Vials

    HRT implant pellet vial packaging

  • IVA Foil Seals

    13mm and 20mm foil seals for use on serum vials and admixtures. Manufactured by Kendall Covidien

  • Sterile Vials

    STERILE VIALS - available in glass and plastic. Sterilized and depyrogenated in the USA with manufacturer's certifications.

  • Sterile Flip Cap Vial Seals - VGDRx brand

    VGDRx brand STERILE MATTE FLIP CAP VIAL SEALS Washed and EO sterilized matte finish sterile flip cap vial seals. Ideal for sterile vial processing in pharmacies, CDMOs, biologicals packaging, pharmaceutical R&D and whenever a cost effective sterile vial kit production is required.

  • Superior Flip Cap Vial Seals - VGDRx brand

    Glossy superior flip cap vial seals - Flip cap vial seals made in the USA. Unique construction complies with new USP standards for vial closures! An IVPACKS brand product

  • Vial Boxes

    WHITE VIAL BOXES - simple white vial boxes for use with your unique custom labels.

  • Vial Crimpers and Decrimpers

    VIAL CRIMPERS - USA manufactured vial crimpers for 13mm 20mm and 30mm crimp serum vials.

  • Vial Stoppers - VGDRx Brand

    VGDRx brand Vial Stoppers - 13mm 20mm and 30mm vial stoppers for serum vials.

  • Washed Vials and Stoppers

    READY FOR STERILIZATION - prewashed 10mL vials and VGDRx brand 13mm and 20mm stoppers. Tyvek style bagged and ready for sterilization.