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Microbiology Diagnostics

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Microbiology Diagnostics

BD BBL DIFCO MICROBIOLOGY - Difco Antigens, Difco Antiserum, BBL GasPak, Culture Media plates and Tubes, Difco and...



  • BD BBL Antibiotic Discs and Dispensers

    BBL BD ANTIBIOTIC DISCS AND DISPENSERS - antibiotic susceptibility discs for testing antibiotic resistance of microorganisms using the disc diffusion method.

  • Bacto Culture Media

    BACTO CULTURE MEDIA - powdered dehydrated culture media by Bacto BD (Becton Dickinson, USA)

  • BBL Culture Media

    BBL DEHYDRATED CULTURE MEDIA - powdered BBL dehydrated culture media and additives.

  • Difco Culture Media

    DIFCO CULTURE MEDIA - Difco BD brand dehydrated culture media and media additives.

  • USP797 Media

    USP 797 Media - bacteria sampling agar and broth used in compounding pharmacies. 2,000+ items available on request!