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West Pharma Flip Off Seals

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West Pharma Flip Off Seals

West Pharmaceutical Services brand 'FLIP OFF®', 'FLIP OFF TEAR OFF®' West matte flip cap vial seals and West smooth...



  • West Matte Cap Vial Seals

    WEST PHARMA MATTE FLIP CAP VIAL SEALS - USP COMPLIANT! - Plain top cap without any embossed words or logos for compliance with new USP regulations. Improved Matte finish on the plastic cap resists scratching during transit and processing to maintain a professional appearance.

  • West Flip Off Vial Seals

    WEST PHARMACEUTICALS 13mm and 20mm Flip Off Vial Seals

  • West Flip Off Tear Off Vial Seals

    WEST FLIP OFF TEAR OFF VIAL SEALS - 20mm flip off tear off vial seals manufactured by West Pharmaceutical Services (USA). Dual use as Flip Off for syringe use withdrawal or complete removal to pour out vial contents.

  • West Smooth Cap Vial Seals

    13mm West Flip Cap Seals - glossy surface with no embossed words. Comply with new USP regulations.