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20mm IVA Foil Seal, Blue, Sterile, Roll of 1000 Maximize

20mm IVA Foil Seal, Blue, Sterile, Roll of 1000

20mm IVA Foil Seal, Blue, Sterile, Roll of 1000. Kendall Covidien

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20mm IVA Foil Seals, Blue, Sterile Roll of 1000
IVA 20mm foil seals for serum vials and IV admixture containers. 

Routinely used in place of aluminum serum vial seals - simply open the plastic boxed, hermetically sealed bag under asceptic / sterile conditions, remove a seal from the strip and align the seal directly center over the rubber stopper thats pre-inserted in the vial. Fold and crease the sides of the IVA foil seal down around the side of the vial crimp lip flange to secure the foil seal (see 2nd image associated with this product).

The IVA foil seal is tamper evident - needle punctures are easily visualized in the laminated foil. The IVA foil seal will self destruct when removal is attempted. 

Used to protect the point of entry of IV admixtures from contamination  and accidental re-injection/withdraw. Packaging is USP 797 compliant for use in compounding pharmacies. Open under asceptic conditions - product is sterile. 

Manufactured by Kendall Covidien Tyco (USA)