Sterile, ready-to-use, pyrogen-free vials for compounding pharmacy and medical applications

The IVPACKS PYROGEN FREE vials are a cost effective, time-saving solution for compounding pharmacies in their parenteral filling and lyophilization processes.  Ready-to-use pryrogen-free vials, manufactured, washed, depyrogenated and sterilized by world renowned Gerresheimer GmbH. The IVPACKS LLC pyrogen free vials have been used extensively in compounding pharmacies, vaccine production, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, and in clinical trial drug packaging. The packaging size has been created for the processing of small batches used in compounding pharmacies and clinical drug applications. This range of pyrogen-free vials offers a unique opportunity to simplify, facilitate and accelerate the filling of these products.

The process of producing a sterile, pyrogen free vials in small batches routinely used in compounding pharmacies is a time consuming, labor intensive process that is often lacking in cGMP compliance. The pyrogen free vials offered by IVPACKS have extensive documentation that includes all requirements for cGMP compliance, including incubation and sterilization assurance testing using USP approved TSB and FTM growth mediums (challenge media). 2mL sterile pyrogen free vials are available in sterile plastic reams of 480 pieces; 10ml pyrogen free vials are available in sterile plastic reams of 179 pieces. Both sizes of pyrogen free vials are packaged in double bagged, sterilized plastic trays with matching lids. The unique packaging is constructed with sterile air flow holes for use in a cleanroom or hood. Each ream has lot labeling for documentation that is reflected on your invoice receipt.
The pyrogen free vials product range consists of Type 1 Clear and Type 1 Amber glass pyrogen-free serum vials of 2 mL and 10 mLsizes.  Ready for sterilization stoppers with CFU and Endotoxin testing are also available (sold separately). CLICK HERE TO ORDER