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Vial Stoppers - VGDRx Brand

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Vial Stoppers - VGDRx Brand

VGDRx brand Vial Stoppers - 13mm 20mm and 30mm vial stoppers for serum vials.


  • 13mm Vial Stoppers

    13mm VIAL STOPPERS - several types to choose from. 13mm round bottom, 13mm 2-leg lyophilization, 13mm solid silicone and other vial stoppers in 13mm size. For serum vials that have a 7mm hole opening and 13mm outer rim to rim diameter.

  • 20mm Vial Stoppers

    20mm VIAL STOPPERS - several types to choose from. 20mm round bottom, 20mm 2-leg lyophilization, 20mm solid silicone (contact lens vial stoppers) as well as 20mm septas. For serum vials that have a 13mm hole opening and 20mm outer rim to rim diameter.

  • 30mm Vial Stoppers

    30mm VIAL STOPPERS - gray chlorobutyl 30mm vial stoppers that meet USP Class VI. For use on serum vials / serum bottles that have a 15mm hole opening and 30mm outer rim-to-rim diameter. usually used on 250mL and 500mL serum bottles.

  • 32mm Infusion Vial Stoppers

    32mm Vial Stoppers for Infusion Serum Vials

  • Sterile Vial Stoppers

    Irradiated sterile vial stoppers. Bromobutyl rubber sterilized by a minimum 25 kGy gamma-radiation with CFU and Endotoxin testing by a 3rd party USA testing facility that is ISO certified and FDA inspected.